Violetta, the series loved by v-lovers

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Violetta, the series loved by v-lovers

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The V-Lovers are aged 7 to 14 and are die-hard fans of Violetta, the most loved Disney TV series by children and teenagers all over the world. The...

by Francesca Amé

They call them V-Lovers, and if you don't know what they are, it means you don't have any children between 7 and 14. V-Lovers are the die-hard fans of Violet, the Disney TV series most loved by children and teenagers around the world.

To understand the rampant "Violetta-mania ", let's start giving some numbers: last May 18 in the halls of various Italian cinemas the first episode of the second season was previewed. Result? 275 thousand kids in the room, sold-out everywhere, and "Violetta" tops the most viewed films of the week, even more than the "Big Gasby".

Now the second season of the serial has landed on the Disney Channel: since last June 3, every day from Monday to Friday at 8pm.10, the new episodes are on the air while Rai Gulp broadcasts the reruns of the first season. The novelties of this second cycle are many: in the eighty new episodes the music and dances of Vilù (this is the nickname of Violetta) in Studio 21 will be the background to new stories of love and friendship, with the entry of characters, such as Diego and Lara, ready to mess up the cards a bit (see details).

But let's go back to the numbers, which give us the extent of the phenomenon: Violetta's official Facebook page has almost 100 thousand fans (33 thousand comments only on the day of the debut of the first episode) and "Il Diario di Violetta", the book that tells the adventures of little girl who wants to be a star, is in second place in the charts of best-selling books in our country (only Dan Brown and his "Inferno" do better than her).

The second series promises to surpass the success of the first TV series, which totaled almost 200 thousand spectators in the debut episode, a record for the 'teen serials ' in Italy.

But why do you like Violetta so much?

Martina Stoessel - Argentinian, born in Buenos Aires, class of 1997 - is the new Disney icon: she perfectly plays the role of Violetta Castillo, a pretty girl, but with an unashamed beauty, who returns to Argentina after a few years in Europe hanging out with parents. Violetta's dream is to enroll, even against the wishes of her father German, in a singing and dancing school to become a star. Violetta has in fact been orphaned by her mother Maria, a famous artist who died due to an accident on tour, and dance represents for the young woman a way to follow in her mother's footsteps. This 'soap opera for teen-ager ', capable of capturing the attention of elementary school girls due to the simplicity of the plot - focuses on Violetta's days, marked by a lot of study, commitment and dedication, but also by the first heartbeats , from misunderstandings between friends and innocent lies to adults.

A sort of "Saranno Famosi" of the Eighties, but more mellow, and with much younger protagonists, to facilitate identification with spectators under 16. The recipe is not very different from other Disney hits like "Hannah Montana" and "Patty's World": the right mix of plot, music and dance works. Alessandro Bartoletti, a psychologist attentive to the world of youth (he has just published "The strategic student" for Ponte alle Grazie) explains: "I am not surprised by the process of identifying Italian girls with Violetta: young students are often fascinated by artistic subjects, in which they are better than, for example, the purely scientific ones ".

If the V-Lovers (but perhaps we should say the V-Lovers) follow with a beating heart the blossoming of the first loves and sympathies of Violetta and her friends, another strong component of identification is given by the attitude of Violetta in classroom and in the gym of Studio 21: very determined to give the best of herself, she gets to have real blocks before an exam or an important test, thus threatening her self-esteem and the outcome of the performance. "It 'sa common trait for many girls between 12 and 15 years, who see themselves in the character: in the classroom, where perhaps they are the best, they get stuck for too much anxiety of control or for an excess of perfectionism but, as Violetta, they are also the first to realize it. They are more introspective, they know how to self-analyze themselves better and they know how to ask for help to overcome obstacles. The boys? They give up more easily in the face of difficulties and are often less motivated ”, explains the psychologist.

Violetta, during these eighty episodes, will learn to be more aggressive and competitive than in the past. The third series? There is a bet that it will not be long in coming.

Watch the video with a summary of the new series and the interview with Martina Stoessel

Violet: Second season. Old characters and new entries


In this new season, we will see her shine on stage more combative and confident. However, her father will continue to follow her everywhere, showing himself more protective than ever. The arrival of a new and mysterious classmate will bring havoc and confusion to her life.


The summer break brought a new hobby and a new passion to León, thanks to which he met Lara, a very special girl. It won't be easy for him to go back to school and Studio 21. How will he react in front of Violetta?


Andrés is León's best friend and his faithful companion in adventures. At times he may seem a bit awkward and distracted, but he is very stubborn.


Ludmilla is the star of the Studio. Although Ludmilla has promised to want to be a better person, putting aside the differences with Violetta and with the other students, nobody really trusts her.


Nata is Ludmilla's best friend, but sometimes she behaves too passively: she is very insecure and is convinced that the only way to be successful is to hang out with Ludmilla. Nata still has a crush on Maxi, despite the fact that the summer passed without ever meeting.


Maxi is the best dancer in the Studio. He is witty, creative and even a bit of a dreamer. He spent the holidays thinking about Nata and can't wait to meet her again at Studio 21.


Francesca is Violetta's best friend and the "mature" of the group. In this new season, he will play a pivotal role in keeping the group of friends together.


Camilla is a funny and responsible girl. Endowed with great talent, she knows that she has not yet developed her potential to the maximum and that she will have to do it if she wants to achieve success.


Although Broadway has joined Studio 21 as a dancer and spy in Gregory's service, this new season will see him as committed as all the other students. His whole life revolves around dance and music. Broadway regrets lying to Camilla and will do anything to get her forgiveness.


Germán Castillo (the father!) is aware of her daughter Violetta singing at Studio 21, but finds it difficult to accept her aspirations. We will see him busy trying to control his daughter's musical career, as well as her love life.


Angie is Violetta's aunt; works at Studio 21 as a singing teacher. In this new season he will have to contend with new contenders who aspire to win the affection of Germán and Pablo.

Jade and Matías

Jade and Matías now live in a pension. Both dream of returning to their previous, much more comfortable lifestyle. Jade is still in love with Germán: she will continue to fight to get him back. Matías, on the other hand, is only interested in Germán's money.


Diego comes from Spain and will be struck by Violetta's talent and beauty. Its character, typical of the bad boy very sure of himself, he will lead him to do everything to win Violetta's heart. Diego is a mysterious character, no one knows what his real intentions are.


Lara is a strong, independent girl who loves to work hard; she is different from all the other girls Leon has ever met before and her feelings will be confused from the moment she walks into his life. Lara has an "alternative " look behind which a beautiful girl is hiding. He will be able to win the heart of León?


Marco is Mexican and lives in Argentina. Since visiting the Youmix website he has become a huge fan of the Studio. Marco is an easy-going guy, with enormous potential on a musical level. He is always there for his friends.

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