Vaccines and autism, the Supreme Court rejects the compensation

Excluding the link between vaccines and autism, a link already excluded by the scientific community.

The Supreme Court upheld the decision of the Aquila Court of Appeal that it has rejected the request to revoke the 'no ' to the compensation advanced, against the Ministry of Health, by the mother of an autistic boy.

The woman claimed that her son's health had been damaged as a result of the trivalent vaccine.

The Supreme Court held that the Abruzzese court, in excluding the link between autism and vaccination, "made the subject of specific and adequate examination the question of the evaluation, by the consultants of the office, of the existence of a causal link between vaccinations and the onset of the disorder, accounting for the positions taken by the experts also on the basis of detailed references to their papers ".

All four experts consulted by the magistrates of the Court of Appeal "had ruled out the existence of a causal link " between autism and vaccination. And in no case the 'fault ', based on the results of the 'consultation ' of consulted experts, is attributable to vaccinations.

The appeal of Mrs. Carmela P was therefore rejected., mother and support administrator of a boy born in 1999, who had developed autistic syndrome, against the Ministry of Health called into question by the request for compensation under the law n.210 of 1992 which awards 'economic relief ' in favor of people damaged in an "irreversible " manner by transfusions, compulsory vaccinations and blood products.


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