Outdoor games for children 1-2 years

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Outdoor games for children 1-2 years

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Games for the little ones, for children and mothers and teams... For all tastes. Round-around-the-clock, edible art, mini laundry, edible decanting and tactile tub. For children of 1 or 2 years.

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Ring around the rosie

He is an old "classicon " but always loved by children of this age group, so don't underestimate him! And then, the round dance is an excellent game of motor skills that allows children to exercise balance and coordination. There are many versions, the most famous is perhaps the nursery rhyme "Around the circle, the world falls, the earth falls, all already on the ground!"But there are many others (try to search with Google and you will be amazed). We offer you a beautiful interpretation of the Zecchino D 'oro from the 1966 edition.

Edible art

Paper, "special " colors e... leave your little one alone with the diaper to express himself at his best. First, prepare many bowls of pudding of different colors with a slightly liquid and soggy consistency. Equip yourself with large sheets, like wrapping paper (they are also white), and paper a corner of the garden (balcony, terrace, courtyard). With these "very good " colors, the baby (already from 18 months) will be able to test his graphic-painting skills in total freedom and without any risk (the classic colors are suitable for slightly older children who don't eat everything).

Mini laundry

The idea is very simple but absolutely effective and fun for a hot day. Take a large basin and invite your child to choose clothes and puppets that he wants to wash. Use a mild, foamy soap and leave your baby alone with the diaper free to do his laundry and splash water everywhere... Remember that already so young, children love to imitate the activities of adults and learn by repeating the same gestures.

Edible transfers

If at home you fear that the child will dirty too much, forget this thought in the open air and offer him the opportunity to have fun with the decanting. Get containers, boxes and containers of different sizes and fill them with earth, yellow flour (sand if you are at the sea!) or white, pieces of ice. Everyone likes the racking game very much and is very important: it refines the ability to manipulate and stimulates the touch with different sensations that the little one learns to recognize.

Touch basin

Get yourself a classic inflatable pool (or a large and wide "tub " with low edges) and select many different materials... Scraps of fabric, cloth, sponges, light balls (excellent ecological corn ones), cardboard pictures, just to give you some ideas. You can add whatever your imagination (and common sense) suggests!) capable of arousing pleasant tactile impressions. Obviously, avoid small objects that could be swallowed in the heat of fun. Once the collection is complete, fill the tub and let your little one, covered only with his diaper, "dive " among the materials, experiencing the sensations on his skin. Here is a fun and very useful sensory game to stimulate even a very small child

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